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Certificate Help

Security Certificate Update

On May 21, 2016, the security certificate for the National Student Clearinghouse secure site,, was scheduled to expire. On May 10, 2016, we renewed the certificate in order to conduct validation testing before the new certificate was deployed. During testing, the existing security certificate for our secure site was inadvertently revoked. This forced the installation of the new certificate before we could notify colleges and universities that connect to our services via applications that they may need to update their certificates.

What Was Changed?

The Thawte SSL CA - G2 Intermediate Certificate was replaced with the more secure Thawte EV SSL CA - G3 Intermediate Certificate.

Do I Need to Do Anything?

Most users were unaffected by the change.

However, your IT department may need to make changes if you are experiencing connection problems and your application or service is configured to trust one of the following:

  • Thawte SSL CA - G2 Intermediate Certificate
  • End Entity Certificate

Resolving Connection Problems

If you are having problems connecting to our services and your application is accessing the National Student Clearinghouse through the URL, we recommend you take one of the following actions. (As a reminder, web browsers are not configured to trust end entity certificates directly, but do so through a certificate chain trust. See "How certificate chains work.")

Incorporating the certificate into your systems to ensure your applications and services can communicate securely with varies considerably from one technology to another. The following links may provide some guidance:

Additional Helpful Links