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What do I need to do to send to the SPEEDE Server via SFTP?

First, you must establish an FTP account with the SPEEDE Server, which you can request when you register for SPEEDE. Please inform the SPEEDE Support team at that you are going to send files via SFTP so we can update your FTP...

What do I need to do to have the SPEEDE Server send files to me via SFTP?

The SPEEDE Server administrators need to connect to your server to complete an initial “handshake,” which involves uploading our public key to your server. Basically, you need to have an SSH server with the SFTP subsystem configured. You also need to send the...

Does the SPEEDE Server offer secure FTP using SSH protocol?

Yes. The SPEEDE Server uses SCP (secure copy protocol) to send documents securely through encrypted channels. The SPEEDE Server also allows registered users to send files to it via secure FTP using a subsystem of the SSH protocol (hereafter, referred to as...