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StudentTracker for Educational Organizations

Educational organizations can use our StudentTracker service to study enrollment and degree completion patterns of students nationwide. It takes your research beyond the limitations of local and state data resources by providing access to actual student records from our more than 3,600 participating colleges and universities, enrolling 98 percent of all students in public and private U.S. institutions.

Who Can Use StudentTracker?

  • State higher education coordinating boards can determine the changing enrollment patterns of students
  • State boards of education can determine the college attendance patterns of secondary school graduates from school districts across the state
  • State demographers, manpower training analysis offices, etc., can analyze who uses which higher education sectors and with what success as part of a cost-benefit analysis for the state’s postsecondary investment
  • Local school systems, districts, and boards of education can study the college enrollment patterns of their graduates.
  • Central administrative authorities for higher education systems can analyze and compare student enrollment, transfers in/out, and graduation patterns of their campuses
  • Other public and private organizations with the legal or contractual authority to analyze the performance of education programs.

What StudentTracker Includes

  • Access to nationwide postsecondary enrollment and graduation data for your cohort
  • All types of postsecondary institutions: in-state, out-of-state, two-year, four-year, public, private, trade school, vocational, etc.
  • Student unit-level data that you can combine with your own data to analyze educational trends and patterns by any variable you choose
  • Unlimited individual student look-ups via the web
  • Secure and easy batch file exchanges

Research Services


Contact us to hear more about our services for educational organizations, like government agencies and others.