Submitting an Order

1. Once you’ve  entered and selected your school (, you can complete the transcript order form beginning with your personal information.

2. Fill in all of the required fields on the personal information page (indicated with a green* asterisk or not listed as “Optional”).

If your school allows requestors to enter either their student ID or Social Security number — for identification purposes — you MUST enter one or the other. If you do not enter either your student ID or Social Security number, either an error message will display when you select the “Next” button or the “Continue” button will not be green.

If you no longer recall your student ID and it is required, you will need to contact your school’s Registrar’s Office for assistance.

If a question appears on the Personal Information page similar to “Did you attend Hometown University in the year 2000 or earlier?,” it means that your school is trying to determine if your transcript data is available electronically. If you attended school during or before the year specified, then your transcript request can only be fulfilled using a paper delivery method.

3. Depending on the options your institution uses, additional messages regarding your school record may display on the ordering screens.

If your personal information cannot be confirmed, you can “Try Again” or select “Yes” to edit your personal information. If the information is correct, you can select “Next” or “No” to continue or “Cancel Order” to terminate the ordering process.

If your personal information is confirmed but you have a transcript hold on your record, it will be displayed on the screen with information on how to clear it. If you can proceed with holds, either check the box or select “Yes” in response to the verification statement, then select “Next” or “Continue” to move forward with the order.

If you cannot proceed with holds, select “Exit” or “Cancel Order.”

4. If your school requires additional information, you will be taken to an additional page(s) with required fields that you will need to enter.

5. Select “Next” to continue to the recipient pages.

6. Select the appropriate type of recipient and, if applicable, answer the FERPA Compliance question. Select “Next” or “Continue” to enter the delivery and recipient information.

7. Fill in all of the required delivery and recipient fields (indicated with a green asterisk or that do not say “Optional”).

Delivery methods vary by school. Once you select the delivery method, your school’s specific description of the delivery option will be displayed.

Some schools may also allow you to upload up to three documents to be included with your transcript order. If you do not see an option to upload additional documents, then this option is not available for your school.

For some schools, specific processing times such as “After Degree is Awarded” and “After Grades Are Posted” may be available.

8. Select “Add Recipient” to enter multiple recipients or “Checkout” to continue.

9. Some recipient addresses for mail orders within the United States are validated against the United States Postal Services Change of Address database. If the recipient address is validated and is incorrect, the system may provide a suggested address, formatted to the United States Postal Service standards, or display a message that the entered address is invalid.

1. If the address is returned as not found in the United States Postal Service database, the system will display a possible reason. You can edit the address, or in some cases, move forward with the invalid address.

2. If you opt to move forward with an invalid address, please confirm it is accurate with the recipient before continuing. You will be required to read and select the acknowledgement checkbox that states your order may not be deliverable. You can then select “Use Selected Address” and continue with the order or correct the address by selecting “Edit Entered Address.”

3. When you select the “Use Selected Address,” the order details will be displayed on the Review Your Recipients page.

10. When you are done reviewing your order, select “Checkout” to complete your request. You will not be able to return to the form to add, edit, or delete recipient(s) information after this point.